How to draw a line like an architect ?


1. Architects use different lines for different purposes, but the line type most spe
cifi c to architecture is drawn with an emphasis at the beginning and at the end.
This practice anchors a line to the page and gives a drawing conviction and
punch. If your lines trail off at the ends, your drawings will tend to look wimpy
and vague. To train yourself to make strong lines, practice making a small blob
or kickback at the beginning and end of every stroke.

2. Overlap lines slightly where they meet. This will keep corners from looking inap
propriately rounded.

3. When sketching, don’t “feather and fuzz” your way across the page—that is, don’t
make a vague-looking line out of many short, overlapping segments. Instead,
move your pencil from start to end in a controlled, fl uid motion. You might fi nd it
helpful to draw a light guide line before drawing your fi nal line. Don’t erase your
guide lines when the drawing is complete—they will lend it character and life.

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